Monday was what i termed a shitty day.

The morning didn’t turn out right. I wasn’t feeling well in the afternoon, got dragged into a lengthy meeting in the evening, couldn’t finish my tasks and eventually when i left for dinner, i had to bite into a piece of thick glass while chomping my nasi bryani. Add those to an unwell me with random flushes of hot and cold, i don’t know how else worse it could get. Am feeling quite sore at this point in time since someone decided that tea drinking was more important.

I’m not sore that he decided to go.. But i’m sore that he didn’t detect the fact that i really needed some tender care. =/

Sometimes, i feel rather inadequate. Like not being able to fill a certain void and question my own existence. Oh wells.

I think continuing to sleep would just be better for my day. Night. =(

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