i woke up at 7.15am today. a mighty early morning after a long weekend. and the fact that i slept only at 3am last night.

i got out of the house at 7.50am! the usual times, i would be crawling out of my bed at this timing.

and i carried a lot of bags downstairs. stuff for the salvation army.

and off i went to the market(!). my atm card failed on me on sunday night. i couldn’t pay my credit card bills and since it was the PH yesterday, i couldn’t do anything to it. so, i thought of visiting the bank this morning, buy some tao huey (bean curd) for the office folks before coming to work.

only to reach the bank and realise that it only opens at 8.30am! *smacks forehead*

ok. felt so silly for assuming that it opens at 8am. and guess what? in a moment of desperation, i tried my ATM card and it blardy works!

Grrr. and it didnt when i tried 5 times across 2 different machines and 2 more times on that AXN machine when i tried to pay my bills. what the hell is wrong?

and this morning, i managed to get some cash. and top up my cash card on another machine.

so, that’s the silly episode this morning. my head is feeling woozy from the lack of sleep. i.want.bed.

ok. lunch time. i cannot wait for the week to end even though it just started!

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