if you hadnt realised it, i hadnt had much to say. i tried giving my little brain a break and tried staying away from the computer when i get home.

it kinda worked, cos i slept at 9+ last nite. i NEVER sleep at 9+!! not when i can help it at least. but i was really really tired with the long day at work without much rest the night before. and i was snoozed off while working on project ding dong. erm, shant say what project ding dong is.. but it’s a little dangerous having to sleep with something really sharp.

another whole day busying myself at work and a meeting ending at 7+, i spent the rest of the night today vegging in front of the tv, and the moment i shifted to the seat in front of my computer, i feel my head getting tighter.. and a little strained. why is this so? is my subscious mind trying to tell me something? or was it just my reflexes tuned to working once i see the computer?

anyways, its late and im heeding michie’s advice and gonna go rest in my room. can feel my body warming up.. which is a very, very bad sign.