the air in the house is COOL!

the bad side of it? my stuff are all over the entire house! my mum just placed them everywhere she can find.. and the whole house is filled with grain-like dust from all the drilling of walls and i have this temptation to paint my room!

but.. but.. i cant just yet. this weekend will be burnt working!

i am getting a little frustrated at the moment. my mum have totally different opinions of how a house/room should look like. i hate packing everything EVERYWHERE, wherever there is space. my mum does just that! find a place somewhere.. she just pack stuff there.. and sometimes, things just go missing and she’ll tell you she has never seen it.. or forgot where she has kept it.

well, all i wanted was ONE consistent color, all my stuff together in my room, with me. i dont understand why she has to get angry with me when i refused the black cupboards into my room cos firstly, my room furniture are all white or birch. and she has different ideas on how MY room should look. hello? i thought this is supposed to be my room and suit my lifestyle.

for years, i have tolerated the fact that there are so much rubbish in my room that didnt belong to me. I took the opportunity of cleaning out everything with the installation of aircon so that i have MORE walking space, see more floor and walls. and i dont see why she has to keep the useless things that has been left untouched for the last 10 years.

im in a really really bad mood now, and am falling sick with uclers in my mouth. i really wish i could just close my eyes and throw everything in the house. they make my temper short!

in fact, i blow my top quite often at home, but have a higher tolerant level when im outside. wei did tell me he thinks its cos i am very dissatisfied with the place i am staying in. i just wish the all the junk will go away very soon.


ok. end of rant. i have to continue packing. 🙁

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