i am loving the time i have now.. doing nothing but laze.

work today was just mad and madness. my colleague kept telling me my face SUPER stressed. not that i want it to be. when the finance, creative, marketing, purchasing and dnd committee keeps hounding u from everywhere.. and i havent even mentioned the emails and the calls from customers, suppliers and the malls. and there’s the standard monday stuff to do. urk.

the muscles are aching slightly today and somehow, it makes me feel good in the physical aspect. when i got home a while earlier and was heading to the bathroom, i decided to torture myself and had a go at the torso tiger. 120 times at it. *ouch* the first 20 times was pain and it just got better and better and i pushed myself harder..

the pregnant women lookalike tummy be gone!

hmmm.. i wished i can laze like what i am now, for days and days. i need a holiday soon.

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