i always thought it is very depressing to be in the job i am.. because my boss is someone who hardly dish out encouraging notes or compliments.

the other day.. she came up with the idea of recognition for our restaurant managers, to encourage them for the tough year that we went through, and of cos.. the fantastic results that they have achieved.

i coordinated the entire award thingy, getting people to vote. well, little did i know that my team was also being voted by others.

and… i was being presented the following award.

the 3 other awards were..
Most on the ball marketeer.. went out to SL
Most resourceful marketeer.. went out to Fio
Hottest marketeer.. went to Jen

and now, i am also being labeled as the most playful marketeer cos my award had a bottle of playdoh. oh wells.

though it’s quite silly but i thought it was a nice attempt to give some recognition to the team. at least its better than nothing.

on the other hand, i also feel so pressured. you know, have to live up to the expectation of the award given eh!

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