the dnd ended last night with a very tired me, lugging a huge bag, heading home by myself and leaving the rest of my team at the “party”.

i was dog tired.

the pageant is finally over! i wasn’t as nervous as i thought i would be. i was so tired that i hardly could open my eyes, and my legs were aching from all that walking, dancing and rushing around. even before the show started, i was yawning from the lack of sleep and dying of hunger. all i ate yesterday was 2 small mouthfuls of vege, 2 fish balls, and a small popiah.

in case you are wondering.. haha. i didn’t win the pageant.. but i just finished the entire show with a smile on my smile and really glad that it’s finally over. though there were many supporters of me (urgh! i hate to disappoint them), but i think the winner was really outstanding in her own ways. the only sad thing i experienced was all the sad faces below the stage when it was announced that i got the consolation prize. i could literally feel their disappoint from the stage.

well, at least i brought home $80 cash as consolation!

and now, pardon me as i have tonnes of work to clear.. *sigh*

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