1.5hrs more to the end of my first day at work.

many hellos, handshakes and names that i cannot remember except for those in my own department.

a lot of things to read up on, learn and catch up with. complicated machines at work to learn to use and a staff tel directory in a3 size with font size 5. the most extensive that i have seen in my entire working life thus far. (ok, i only worked in local companies before)

and extensive lunch lasting almost 2 hours, a store visit to know more faces and restaurant concept. a whole department of pretty girls to work with.

2 meetings to take note of (within the week), 1 dinner date on this friday and many more activities to come. it’s only hours since i have been here, and my inbox has got 9 emails pertaining to work already. wow. can u feel the vibe here?

i am a little daunted, but determined to work it out. i think i will be happy here. just pray for me that i am able to get to work on time. i am almost late today despite leaving the house quite early.

i dont dare to use msn as yet. too many peeping eyes and low partitions. everyone can see what im doing.

ok. logging out before i am being discovered! im seated right beside the ceo’s office!

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