the boy came to my office earlier to fetch me for supper. i took a cab home after driving him home cos his leg was shaking uncontrollably for some reason. i secretly think it’s a fluke to avoid driving me home and making me drive.

oh. my eyes were tired and for once, i felt so unsure on the roads.

dozed off on the cab journey home and here i am, still updating my bloggie. 🙂 my room is unrecognizable now, and it echos when i talk. i can see walls all over and the aircon’s gonna be in tomorrow! yipee!

*gives a whoop in the air*

ok. im spacing out. i REALLY need to sleep.

oh. one happy thing. the boy decided to get onto msn now.. he is realizing EVERYONE, including all his friends are in the msn culture. ha!

(i hope i get this right! havent been practicing at all!)

*thinks about exam in less than 2 months and freaks out*

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