the phuket trip is in 2 days, but i am not excited at all. in fact, i feel more of a dread about the trip. i guess it’s mainly contributed to the fact that i had a lot of work to clear before the impending trip. and also, loads to prepare for as well.

am feeling a little sickie these days. the flurry of events and the constant lack of sleep is having a toil on my bod. each night, i come home wanting to do more work, only to find myself crashing into dreamland even before my computer can boot up.

it’s seriously THAT bad. well, bad enough for me to wake up at 5am to do my press release.

now that the weekend is here, i cannot rest before there are a lot of proposals that i have to submit on monday morning before the flight on tuesday morning.

i am wondering if i would have the time to pack my luggage. :/

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