It’s the hubby’s first Father’s Day but he flew off to australia earlier today for work.

I never really dread about the hubby flying off in the past, sometimes, I even enjoy it because we both get some me-times clocked it and it does wonders for the relationship. But pregnancy and parenthood changes everything. I wished he didn’t have to fly and that he is beside me this instance.

I think he might feel the same way too.

With a busy weekend packed with a flurry of activities, we hardly had the time to recuperate and him to pack his luggage, so we didn’t have any time spent together as a couple, lest celebrate the occasion. Nonetheless, I am very thankful for the fatherly roles he has filled thus far.. Much as I have much complains in the past, he has been improving by the day and some times amazes me (when he actually quietly does his roles and let mummy sleep through it).

Baby, thank you for everything. I wouldn’t change a single thing because I love how things has been and how things worked out thus far. It may not have been perfect, but I love how we adapt and learn together and complement each other in our roles. I love how you cuddle jerry in your arms preciously, and kisses him all the time even though he’s fussing. Can’t wait for you to be back, though you have barely gone for long. Happy 1st Father’s Day to you and here’s to the many Father’s day that we are going to spend together in the future. Love you loads and mother and baby is waiting for you to be back. Meanwhile, stay safe. You’ll be on our minds. *big squishy hugs*


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