it’s been a while since i blogged about my lunches. it just means that i have been packing non stop or eating uninteresting food. actually, it could also be that i didnt have the time to blog.

was driving last friday and took the opportunity to have lunch with 2 guy colleagues. cindy was initially included in the lunch date, but very unfortunately, she had to do an offsite set up and couldn’t join us.

so, we had lunch at dome in dempsey. seriously, anywhere is nice so long it’s not in the vicinity of ayer rajah/holland v/fusionpolis.

and i really enjoyed the lunch + dessert even though i was coughing quite badly after all the cold stuff!

i had the spaghetti while the guys had fish and chips & lot burger. i was regretting my choice when i saw mark’s delicious looking burger. i stole quite a bit of his fries!

and we adjourned to ben & jerrys for a quick ice-cream fix. i am just amazed that we managed to squeeze in that much within a short lunch.

must do that more often (read: good lunches) to get my sanity. food always pleases my mind and soul. how else to make one happy?

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