finally, the 3 good friends do dinner! when was the last time we did it? it’s been so long! it was a really “sweet” day (filled with this big bag of mentos that cindy brought along). i had wanted to drink myself silly but i ended up being the most sober one since der drank and i was supposed to drive.

errr.. where did the fun go? but still, it was filled with laughter as usual. and the boy acting anti-social with his iphone.

getting to the place was a nightmare. because…
(1) no one checked the actual address before heading there and we ended up in bad traffic for the longest time, only to realise we are on the wrong end of bukit timah!
(2) we turn in circles and made many u-turns before we could find the way to the carpark to park

when we finally gotten there, the place was rather interesting but service was bad. we had a hard time trying to get people’s attention. coupled with the wet seats, i was rather cheesed off! we also had to ask a few wait staff for the wine list and iced water..

nonetheless, the food was good and i think we’ll make a trip back there very soon!

andy’s beer battered fish & chips (his staple EVERYWHERE we go and the chef’s signature dish) and my wild rocket salad. the fish tasted really good and came in a huge portion that’s too much to finish. the salad was so-so, but i need my greens in every meal.

our pizza country style – served with tomato sauce (my love!), mozzarella, roasted ham and mushrooms, with sprigs of vege on top, done crispy thin. i had 3 slices of these and they tasted good! der had the crispy duck confit. tried it but i’m not a duck lover at all (with the exception of roasted duck!), so it’s passable imo.

cindy’s creamy wild mushroom soup (this is good!), our District 10 fries (topped with mozzarella cheese) and our dessert – warm apple tart served with butterscotch ice-cream. lovely comfort food!

happy people!

and a bottle of wine to round the night off.

wished we could do this more often. missing the days where we worked together and definitely looking forward to the next dinner outing!

ooh! ooh! for the drinking folks, i thought this is a rather good watering hole since their happy hour starts at 11pm onwards!

Go check it out! Here’s the details:
10 Winstedt Road
Singapore 227977
For reservations – 6738 4788

District 10 website
ok, now back to my work. *Yawns*

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