the ex + current ph/k.fc team gathered to celebrate deric’s full month.

my comment? wow. there are just so many kids running around! i find gatherings like these a good opportunity to catch up with people you hardly get to meet. i was busy chatting most of the time, so didn’t really take a lot of pictures..

view the whole set here.

all the kids were kinda traumatized as all the aunties and uncles started wanting to carry them and passing them around like a game of musical chairs when they start crying. as usual, i do not belong to the group that attempt to carry anyone of them. errrmm, i’m so not a kids person, really.

my favourite shot just had to be the one that had desmond holding the hands of this small girl and strolling round and round the function room, not letting go. it’s sucha sweet sight.

kids just have those innocence in them.

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