i wrote the following the other day.. using my mobile.. and because of the lesson of losing my post the other day, i blogged in on notepad, thinking that i can extract into lifeblog to post. how wrong i was..

10 April, 2006 | 2.35pm

20 mins late for my physio sesh today. my therapist is probably getting used to my perpetually late behaviour. the first sight at me, he said my legs were getting better. good news.

im so freaking bored now with the hot pack at the back of my leg, and weights at my ankle. i forgot my little shiroi (my poddy) today even tho my brain reminded myself many times just before i left the house. and now, im risking blogging to waste my time even tho my hp batt will beep low anytime because i didnt charge it over the weekend and there’s a long day ahead to rely my phone on.

the cramps came back to haunt me yesterday after a couple of months hiatus. it was so terrible that i almost scrapped the idea of paying my respects to patrick. i decided to struggle along after wei said he’s already on the way to fetch me. anyway, i was so glad that i went out after i popped one of the pink pills. it was a simple day of ampang yong tau foo lunch, sending xx to work at suntec after “visiting” patrick, and zipping home to clean the car.

in the midst of the hot setting sun, dripping sweat and constant wiping, cliff’s bm suddenly zipped past wei’s car boot.. (i stopped blogging cos i was asked to do some exercise)

it was quite a surprise for me, and he stood around while we cleaned up the last bits and headed upstairs for a bath before the 3 of us had dinner at hong kong street, and then popped to happy daze for drinks.

i was so happy tat wei finally agreed to play scrabble with me.. it’s his first time playing the game, and it’s just so nice to know, he’s willing give it a try. even the 2 cups of lychee freeze went down well and didnt spoil my game!

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