its weird. msn keeps logging me out these days. i have no idea why.

please dont whack me/get irritated when u keep seeing me pop in and out of msn. it’s not my fault. it’s technology! but, the funny thing is.. i always cannot log back in with msn ver 7.5. but it ALWAYS work when i use the basic messenger to log in. and when im online already, i can login again using ver 7.5. why like that?


anyways, my stomach feeling funny. very nauseating and keep wanting to puke. i wonder if its the dinner. checked with shuyu and she’s fine. Hmm..

ok. im weak.

i had loads of fun hanging out with shuyu earlier. basically gossiping and talking nonsense. it’s funny when i seemed to enjoy it even tho we havent done anything significant. it’s the company i guess. bought some stuff and more projects to embark. heh heh. but wont start till i finish project ding dong.

wah. head getting big. feeling the pressure as the clock ticks and the day pass.

Oops. late late liao. bedtime!