I have got quite a few appointments with various clinics this week, dental, pre-employment and a regular check up with the women’s clinic and this was what happened when a call came on friday afternoon while i was napping.

Clinic assistant (ca): hello, cherie? This is calling from the clinic ah. Can i confirm your appointment? It’s on sunday, 2pm.
Me: (thinking it’s the pre-employment check up that i have on saturday and feeling groggy after being awoken) huh? It’s saturday morning right?
Ca: no, it’s sunday, 2pm in the afternoon.
Me: no. I thought you are closed on sunday… (then it struck me that it could be the women’s clinic calling, i have clearly forgotten about the dental appointment) eh! Wait! What clinic are you calling from?
Ca: the smiles dental clinic my dear, you have a dental appointment with doc lim.
Me: oh! That… Erm.. Ya, you are right. Sunday 2pm. See ya then..

I thought it was quite funny because i was getting it all wrong, but seriously, if the caller has identified herself clearly when she called, we could have avoided all those confusion. And the thing about me sleeping/napping is that it really annoys me when i get awoken by phone calls.

Anyway, 2 check ups down and last one to go! Sadly, my long weekend is also slowly coming to an end.

I feel so broke now, spent too much for the last few days with all that buying and spending.

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