my weekends are pretty much filled with furniture and appliances shopping lately. i’m kinda feeling weary about stepping into a harvey normal/best denki/courts/gain city etc and the sight of washing machines and refrigerators makes my mind tune out due to information overload.

we have bought our TV, shortlisted the refrigerator model and color, the microwave oven, and going to check out the electrolux sale next weekend for deals before buying our hob/hood, washer and oven.


shortlisted our sofa and dining table as well, and hopefully the dimensions fit after the design/layout is finalised.


so, we are left with the taps, the sinks and the lightings and miscellanous bits …


and can i just say i wish the govt built the 4rm flats bigger? freaking irritating when i cant seem to fit more in my living room without cramming the space up. the most irritating bit is that i cant fit in a 6 seater dining table without eating into the living space so i can only do 4 seater.. which means.. i cannot have guests over for meals! or have a 3rd kid because there isnt space. is that how the government is really helping in encouraging people to give birth more? lets just not even mention the scarcity of 5rm. we dont even have a 5rm option in our estate. i really found the lack of space for a 6 seater dining table really kinda stupid because i really wanted to host parties or small gatherings at home. i cant even have my mum and brother over for dinner simply because the space wont fit! der has also ruled out ALL tables (those we have seen thus far) that can be extended to accomodate more people because they are either frigging ugly, dont suit the color scheme of the house or doesnt have a level table top for the extension bit.


design/layout wise, we have only just seen the first draft (after a damn long delay) so tweaking in progress. hopefully, we can finalise the carpentry works soon.


its finally coming to fruition, and im a little nervous about it all. i hope it turns out nice eventually.