i am totally disgusted with myself these days. seeing the amount of flab on my bod, and the feeling of loose skin all over really sucks.

i know i may be thin by some’s standards, but believe me.. the feeling of having a tone body like what i used to have and what i am feeling now is worlds apart..

and so, after the day i found out that i am currently 52kg (the heaviest since!).. i decided i should gear myself into sports mode, and seriously do something about it.

well, i cut down on heavy dinners, and tried to choose my food well if i could.. i also started doing power stretch everyday for at least 150times. ok, some days, i was too tired and didn’t do it.. but at least it’s a start right?!

and despite the rain today, i joined my athletics juniors (some of them are 7 years apart!!) for a 10km run at east coast park. although the actual distance is slightly lesser than 10km, i managed to keep my pace and run throughout, managing a long sprint towards the end, clocking 50mins of run (from mac to fort road and back, then to chalet and back to mac)

wow. i felt really good physically and i so want to do it again!

flabs, be gone!

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