Long overdue post, but guess what? I spent the last 1.5 weeks in a semi comatose state where I mostly ate/slept/milked myself. I have no idea why I am sooooo tired! I tried to read and end up dozing off, same goes when I tried to use the computer. Argh!

2 Fridays ago, I popped out with Bernice for buffet lunch at todai. If you remembered, I blogged about my mum refusing to let me bring the kiddo along. I think I enjoyed the ‘freedom’!

All ready to head out! These days, dressing up is a bit of a headache. I cant quite fit into a lot of tops that I used to own (no thanks to the boobs) and I have only left my tank tops to wear.. And because I had to milk myself so often, I am finding all the clothes too much of a hassle, but the nursing tops in the market are not quite my style. Hrrrrmmph.

We made our way to todai for buffet lunch and was a tad disappointed that they don’t serve oysters on Friday lunches. They only have it on Thursday nights, Friday nights and the weekends. I was really sore because when I was there on Monday, I heard the reception say it is available on Friday lunch. Argh.

Round 1 of our lunch spread. I ate so much, I almost couldn’t walk! I am not joking.

My meat bolo spaghetti. Actually, I asked for seafood but have no idea what happened until I ate it and it tasted like bolo! Sigh.

I whacked loads of sweet lychees.. So much so that I think Bernice is appalled at the amount that I can swallow. I had 2.5 plates? Like >40 lychees?!

What Bernice took for me while I popped out for some milk business. The snow crabs are good, my only grouse is that they do not serve hot butter (like they do in the states) so it was really a pity. I had to eat these with Tabasco sauce but it would have been superb with hot butter. There was a lot more variety of food, ranging from Italian, Western, Korean to Japanese to Chinese. I especially loved the BBQ corner where they have my favourite eryngii (king oyster mushroom) and thick fat pork belly (yums!), and the wide array of unlimited drinks available which is very very important for water guzzler me. The desserts are also very good and decadent that I just have to help myself to many servings of their little cakes (the short cake is the best), chocolates (comparable or even better than awfully chocs/Royce),and frozen Korean persimmon (real good stuff) and ice cream! Heh. The ice cream swirl is really good and creamy, and reminds me a lot of McDonalds ice cream cone but better. Dirty hands and iPhone don’t quite mix so I didn’t take a lot of pictures!

We walked the rest of the afternoon away with huge tummies (at least for me) within the mall and I decided that we should walk more to burn off whatever we have ate! So off we went to explore the helix bridge, or at least.. more like for me to check it out since Bernice has been there previously.

Acting tourist. My hair was quite a mess!

A shot with MBS. It feels like I am visiting some other country!

Trying to be kawaii but failing badly. I had to suck in my rotund tummy in for this shot. Almost died holding my breath!

Us. Under the hot sun. We ended the day splitting up to meet our respective hubbies for the weekend. A nice, chilled, girly outing. I wished there were more of such before she leaves!

Happy happy day.

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