the skies doesnt look too good today. the skies are hazy when i stepped out this morning and it has been raining since i came into the office.

not sure if is the air, but i spent the entire day till now coughing non-stop. its so disruptive that i cannot really concentrate on my work and that it’s so bad that i am feeling tightness in my head. think a really bad headache is looming. i wonder if it’s the air…

work wise, errmmm.. can i just say i hate getting STUCK?! if only i could clear everything outta the way.

and oh, hitched a ride to work today and it sure feels really good to be driven to work. if only it is an everyday affair! haha.

oh wells, driving to work isnt that bad too. no squeezing of trains, no standing and i can sleep in later!!

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