right this moment, i am struggling to keep my eyes open. no blues to fight off, only tiredness.

and for the first time in my life, my eyes are closing when i am driving. in bright sunlight.

and it’s only the morning, but i have went around the island a couple of time. or rather, north to east, east to north and north to east again.


i started my day at 6.30am today. headed out to the airport to fetch der and the plan was to drive to the office after that and have der drive the car home himself. BUT!!!!!!!!

the super blur me left the laptop at home! Grr. and i only realised it after i stepped into the airport. so, i had to fetch him home, collect my laptop and drive all the way back to the east to the office again.

and i am suffering from sleep deprivation right now. all because at 1am last night when i was going to bed, i had a terrible migraine and it was so bad that i couldnt move in bed. and of cos, i couldnt sleep.

and yes, that’s the start to my week. could someone pass me the toothpicks please?

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