I just stepped out of the office minutes ago.. It’s the last time that i’ll go there to work. I got a life size easel stand poster printed, a really huge poster of my team mates, a beautiful scrapbook and a lv little tote as my farewell gifts. It’s the same one that i bought for jen, they say good friends must have the same thing.

I didn’t cry as i stepped out, feeling very flustered because i keep telling everyone that i HAD to go, and most thought that i am leaving only on the 30th. I got a bouquet of sunflowers from my boss and a small gift.. and i had to courier that home.. Left all the huge posters in the office because there is no way i could carry those on board.

As i sit in the cab now, i can’t help but feel a little sad.. Seeing how some of my colleagues got me a farewell gift but didn’t manage to give it to me because it was at home. Am so touched and a little sad that i won’t be seeing them often anymore.. And that i’ll be working very far away from everyone.

Only dinner dates would be possible from now on. I’m so gonna miss the funny lot.

Much thoughts about them floating in my mind.. But i’m really worried that i’ll be late for my flight.

Oh com’on, please let the traffice be good.

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