A typical work day begins with me rushing out of the house and brisk walking to the train station, sometimes breaking into a run to catch the train.

Today, while i was doing my daily ritual, i happened to look up. The sky is in a beautiful shade of blue accompanied with cotton white clouds.. It’s a pretty sight. Perked up my morning and i declare today a good day!

Nevermind the fact that i have meetings at 9.30am, 11.30am, 1.30pm, and 4pm, with literally no breaks between the meetings. I guess i can only start my work at 5.30pm onwards. Which brings me to realise the importance of one’s mentality to start the day. Positive attitude. I need loads of that in the next 2 weeks.


it’s actually quite a bad morning. My shoulders and back have been aching since yesterday. My face feels like it’s been smashed by a huge rock and there’s this air of lethargy surrounding me. Don’t know why. Maybe i’m not getting enough rest and water.

Last night, i almost got myself into a couple of accidents while driving home. I was too tired to be driving, and was literally in a daze. To make thing worse, i was in a highly irritable mood and i snapped at derrick the whole journey home. When he tried to smoothe my nerves, it triggered more anger in me. I couldn’t explain why i was feeling that.. But sometimes, i guess it’s better to let me be and leave me alone.

Guess i am really too knackered and my body is screaming.

It’s ok. I’m alright now.


on other thoughts, i can’t decide if the pizza and wings at iced cold beer was really good last night or if i was too hungry. The girls had a little celebration for wendy because it’s her birthday. Bought her a pair of shoes and a bag after hours of shopping.

Hey girl, cheer up! Life’s too short to be unhappy. I remember this quote that i read off my friend’s blog. Before you can say good, it’s already bye.. Live your life with no regrets. Go grab it if that’s you want, if it doesn’t work out… At least you have tried. *hugs*

[mobile post on bus @ cte upper serangoon exit]