stepped into the office at 7.55am today. WOW. i have never seen the building that dark in the morning before.. and for the first time here.. i had to switch on ALL the lights.


and here’s a really pretty picture of the sun rise along AYE this morning.

you must be thinking why the usual sleepy head is in the office so early. on usual days, i’ll still be snoozing in bed! it just makes me smile when i drive and see the sunrise.. while my usual alarm goes off during the entire journey to the office.

well, the boy went to serve the nation this morning and i had to drive him to some ulu camp and wow, the drive there was really scenic with farms along the driveways, old wooden houses/buildings (similar to atap style) wetlands and reservoir.. i really want to go explore some of those places that i passed this morning.

they are beautiful, and i guess it’s really worth waking at 6am and heading out early sometimes.

i hope everyone have a great start for the week ahead!

it’s 5 more days to the BIG office move (from west to east) and my table looks quite empty already. going to shift some more stuff within the next 2 days. will miss all the food and the familiar sights around here.

alrighty! time to chow my breakfast.

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