except that it’s not exactly early.. and the skies are gloomy from my way in.

i just wanted to drop a note here, an indication that i’m still very much alive. hah.

as i was doing my daily ritual of staring out of the window for 5 good mins (to wake myself up and breathing in the morning air), i saw the world out of my window coming alive. people going about their own business, parents bringing their kids to school, aunties making their shopping trips to the wet market and the cleaner sweeping the basketball court clean of leaves.

i thought about my secondary school teacher. the one that taught the class to write interesting essays. apparently, i didn’t learn much of her skills because i was so lazy and rebellious but i remembered me scoring a good piece about me sitting by the window sill and watching the ants go about their business carrying food pieces back to their nest while i sit and pondered about my life.

the sweeping sound is one soothing sound this morning. today, i wondered how good it would be if i were the cleaner. i don’t really have to deal with a lot of people, i just wake every morning and clean the places. the leaves are my friends, and it’s a simple job and yet, at the same time, it’s a big job cos i am doing the community a service. something so small, and yet, it affects everyone. and i think i will be real happy seeing the place/surrounding so clean and leaves free.

then the bubble burst and it’s back to reality – trudging into the bathroom and get myself ready for work. i wondered where i’ll be and how my life will lead me 10 years from now.

do you sometimes dream of something, somewhere and when you finally get there, it wasn’t what you dreamt of and you feel disappointed? or that you thought something would be really really good and when you finally get it, you realised it’s not in your element?

just a cluster of thoughts today to kick start the day.

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