the second day came and gone. i learnt more stuff today though it is really tiring to be ploughing through the past promotion file in detail. i think i should be managing it quite ok, now that i know the gist how to get things done.

i am extremely worn out physically. 7 hours of sleep for the last 48 hrs or more is giving me a irritable throat, a heaty body, lethargic-ness and tired eyes. i was thinking of popping to sleep and rest an hour ago when i went to take a look at my shoe rack for i-dunno-what-reason. spent the last hour throwing at least 40 pairs of shoes/heels/slippers away. gosh. now, i got space for more!! *twinkling eyes*

i forgot that i was supposed to go for a x-ray thingy today and went to meet wendy and cat for dinner at mos burger. managed to drag cat along for a short shopping spree. i ended up with nothing and she wasted some moolah on a skirt. *grins* see? i am the evil one.

popped by orchard to return my long overdue library book, with intentions to meet mx but ended up shopping alone cos mx havent had dinner and i wasnt in the mood for another meal after the hearty mos gobble. i ended up a lot more broke. got a pair of pretty heels, a skirt and a top. total damage $150!

if only tomorrow’s 1st may! i need progress package to come to my aid!

the only consolation is, i will be getting my first pay check this weekend! whee! i am so tempted for more shopping tomorrow with mich!

errm. better not think. ok, time to rest my tired soul.

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