at about 2pm this afternoon.. wei’s dad departed this world. i saw the man whom treated me like family each time he sees me, always making sure that i have eaten or should eat more drifting slowly away from me and the rest of his family..

his blood pressure dipped all the way to 30+, and is long brain dead due to the lack of oxygen.. till the moment the heart finally gave way. everyone crumbled.. me included. there were more than 50 people crowding around the icu.. there were more tears than words..

i didn’t know how to describe the feeling.. all i could do was hold wei and make sure he’s ok.

for those who knew wei, the funeral will be at blk 560 amk ave 10. it should be starting tomorrow cos the body is still undergoing post mortem.

for now, much rest is needed. i will be helping out at the funeral and staying over to take care of his mum during the week.

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