The hubby and me snuck out for a movie on Sunday night again. Am very thankful for my mum who is always ready to care for my baby and let me heads out with ease.

We caught the green lantern and I like the movie! Pretty awesome but I cannot wait to watch the transformers which is launching today!

Anyhow, we ended the movie date in a debate. (warning: spoiler ahead if you haven’t watched the movie). There’s this liner that says, the bigger you are, the faster you’ll burn …in one of the scenes where Hal will single-handedly defeat parallax by drawing him to the sun.

Der says he doesn’t agree with the statement and that it doesn’t make sense. He says, the smaller you are.. You’ll die first! His scenario – throw an ant and x.silly into the fire and who will die/perish first? (of cos the ant since there is zero chance of even saving it)

I disagree. Compare 2 pieces of candles wax – one in 1cm diameter and one in 10cm diameter. Put them near the fire at the same instance, the bigger candle will have more wax melted at the same time, so it proves that the bigger you are, the faster you burn (I.e you’ll burn more).

Well.. We never got to a conclusion but thought it’s rather funny and we both admit that the 2 scenarios makes sense.

When we got home.. X.silly went…

Little hero he is! Well, he keeps the chemistry between the hubby and me burning with silly antics that we play on each other, through him.

Ok. Time to get ready and pop out for another afternoon of girly fun! Afternoon tea at goodwood park hotel!

I hope it doesn’t rain! Lugging the baby along today!

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