A full portion of italian salad at speggedies (is the spelling correct?) for dinner while with the girls last night. A very enjoyable dinner with loads of crap… Mostly from me.

Because of the pretty girls i’m with, the young manager was having an eyeful.. Kept looking at shuhui and i kept teasing her about it. Stella came up with acroymns like SBC (stomach bigger than chest) while describing how she has grown fatter, which made us laugh and it was soon expanded to BBS, SBB etc. Ok. Private joke.

We bitched about the guys we knew, the crew in the restaurant (one of them had hair like a dog!) and laughed about the food (shuhui had 2 gigantic meatballs!). I tried to play punk with the manager that kept looking at shuhui and managed to scoot off with 1 complimentary dessert. Yummy!

Hee..hee.. It was lovely and i hadn’t laugh like that with a bunch of friends for the longest time! I think it’s cos i haven’t been meeting people up. Enjoyed it tremendously and well, we are doing it again in 2 weeks time at weiling’s new house at bedok.

Time flies really easily huh? I can’t believe she’s that girl i knew in primary one that stays in the same unit as me, 2 floors up. And how we used to hate each other in tuition groups. Haha.

Feeling a little tired today with an overflowing loss and i’m gonna be late if i don’t reach the office in 5 mins!

*wills the bus to move faster*

[mobile post on bus @ upper serangoon road]