cab rides to work for the last 2 days. i am having a problem with waking up on time even with 2 alarm clocks. i am so amazed that i totally didnt hear my mobile beeping for 30 mins and woke only cos my mum was banging on the door at near 8am.

i hate the feeling of zombie-ing ard the house, with my mind very much still in dreamland and body a little retarded. i didnt unpack my bag the night before. i crashed the moment i came home (after i switched on my computer), and headed to my room.

i cant remember a single thing as to what happened, but at 3am in the morning..i woke with a heavy head, a dry throat, and my office wear still INTACT to a very warm room. the air-conditioning was not on, which is weird cos that’s one of the first things that i’ll do the moment i step in. my best guess is i konked out the moment my feet are in the room, cos my bag was ON my bed, beside me.

i struggled to do a bit on my to-do list. wrapped 2 presents, wrote 1 christmas card, and collated my kluantan pics in the dark. and so, to those who sent me msn msgs that i didnt reply.. u know what happened. all of you were offline by the time i saw those msgs.

and yes, michie. town we shall go. LP and wherever u wish. ur wish is my command. 🙂

i have intended to crash in heartland mall after jap class yesterday to do a bit of christmas shopping. was robbed of the chance when wei interrupted my jap class by calling me, and smsing me non stop. hee. im not complaining cos it’s rare.. and he dated me to dinner!!

i am a happy lark!

bliss restuarant we headed again, this time by the water! whee! love it, love it. we went sanpo shimasu after dinner for a short while, popped by amk to send project ding dong for processing, headed to wei house to grab some papers and got chauffeured home! blissful eh? i tell you, im all smiles now while typing this out!

* grins *