my mum just commented that i am getting fatter. GRRRRRRRR.. *roars*

i don’t need the reminders lah! this afternoon, i tried to head to the IT fair, but went 2 rounds around the place and didnt manage to even get into any carpark so decided to give up and go shopping instead.

just before going home, i headed to goodwood park and got these…

$150 worth of durian goodness.. only to get chided by my mum when i get home. #@^&@%#%^!$!@!*

she ranted and ranted non stop on why i bought so much, no freezer space, no money, the money can be better spent elsewhere. everything, other than the fact of appreciating that i bought durian for the whole family, for her, for my uncles and aunt, for my grandpa’s birthday tomorrow. no. no appreciation at all.

pissed me off really.

and i thought i was being nice to buy more so that we can bring it back to rengam tonight and ah gong, ah ma and the rest could savour the durian goodness tomorrow. so much for burning a hole in my pocket and trying to be nice.


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