i literally jumped out of bed this morning, minutes after i snoozed my alarm.

i was going like.. “shit! i am late for work! it’s 8am and im still sleeping!”

i made a dash for the bathroom before reality hits and and i realised that it’s a sat/public holiday/polling day. i went back to snooze further. i think i am suffering from work stress in just 2 weeks of working.

initals plans of heading for the polling in early morning, popping by the hospital for the long awaited physio sesh (been more than 2 weeks!!), getting my medical report from the clinic near wei’s house before popping by to wake the sleepy head, went awry. the rehabilitation centre isnt opened on a public hols! now, im quite awake though physically tired.

i shall just crash in bed again.

and oh…


and i didnt queue at all. not that there werent queues. and i was shouted at by my cousin (v. loudly) who invited many stares in my direction. idiot him.

and why didnt i need to queue? i went along with my dad and grandma. my grandma was in a wheelchair, so she had “handicap” treatment all the way. my cousin was so peeved cos he was in the queue for 45mins, at 8.45am in the morning. hahaha. made me laugh at him early in the morning cos he said he kept thinking that no one would be there at 8am. *giggles*

and he was MAD that i didnt queue at all. hahaha.

it was quite fun actually. 😛

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