the story about a gucci bag.

the other day, through that “big” thing that i went to, i met a lot of girls carrying a gucci bag.

the thing about the bag is that it makes me think that the average girl are so well paid, everyone seemed to be able to afford one.

and so, during the whole affair.. i keep getting my own name mixed up with this girl called sherry lee. every time her name is being called, i always think it’s my name. Grrr..

and well, we both got acquainted and started talking about our jobs, and why we are both doing there. and to my utmost amazement, she’s a retail assistant that earns a mere salary of 1.3k. ok. i am not looking down on her about her salary.. but i am amazed at the length that people would give up a month or more of their salary on a branded bag.

and we have a whole street of girls carrying those. i wonder how many of those are like her. and then i wonder what the motivation behind their purchases.

i have to admit i am one such fashion victim as well. i do own branded bags, but not a gucci yet. but every time i buy such a bag, i also make sure these are from the spare cash that i have.. and i wouldn’t dream of buying one if i have to scrimp on my basic necessities.

well, the bottom line is.. i’m just appalled.

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