yesterday marked 3 months since i had an operation for my torn ligament. officially, i can start running, jogging and exercising more. yay! time to start playing badmintion and some beach volley. i really miss the sporty stuff.

the sad thing? i still cannot go wakeboarding and i dont even know if its ok for me to go blading. a doc’s appointment is due early next month, which is in about 2 weeks. i cant wait to go full fledge into everything, even though i know my knee’s not the same anymore and it’s still relatively weak and hurts every now and then and in some angles.

i feel so bad now. it’s wei’s birthday today and i dozed off at 10+. he was upset that i didnt msg him last night and i was not the first person to wish him happy birthday. errm… i was already in dreamland.

i didnt plan any surprise either, cos i am quite broke, and seriously, i am so knackered that the thought didnt cross my mind. 🙁

besides… he’s having a paper tomorrow tooo… (ok, tis an excuse!)

i wonder if it means something else too.

dinner was at premier thai, with a slice of savoury chocolate truffles cake and home it was to rest (for me) and study (for him).

i am feeling so drained these days cos of work. while i find it is exciting and challenging + eye opening in the new company, it is killing me as a person and affecting the people around me. i have snapped at wei so many times these days that i feel like a bitch.

i need some counseling!

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