And I thought I would feel better after I step out of the salon. I have the urge to kill that stylist and head back there to have them rebound my hair for free.


Am majorly majorly upset with my hair. I wanted big curls and wavy hair, just like how I did it previously.

Now, I have Maggie mee hair! Did not help that I have especially kept the length so long to do it, but the darn stylist do not understand what is 2-3 inches and guess what?? SHE SNIPPED AWAY 8″ OF MY HAIR! it takes more than 1 year to grow that length can?!

I kept asking her if she was cutting it too short. She kept ASSURING me that she is doing the layers. But how can it be 2-3 inches when it was over the waist and now it’s at the length where the bra strap it?! It’s even shorter than what I had before the wedding and I haven’t cut my tresses since then!

When she did the perms, I asked if she was rolling it too close to the scalp. I had wanted to start the waves after the neck length. She told me, no worries.. It will only curl those hair with the lotion applied, not all. And so.. I thought she knew her thing!!!

Fuck. I left the salon like an auntie. And after hand combing my hair many times, this is how it looks like.

The length. So short.

I want to squat down somewhere and cry.. Or take a chopper and head back to the salon.

When she was done, I went.. Huh?! Why so “pong”?! And why so short?! The curls very intense eh! I wanted big waves you know?!

And she went, after you wash it will be longer and wavy, don’t worry. It’s because I blow it for you that’s why the curls are like that. I thought you wanted it more pong., (never did I ever said I wanted it to be pong, if I had.. I wouldn’t have asked her to THIN my hair right?!)

I kept tugging at my hair and pulled it straight and said it’s too short and she kept saying, no no., it’s not! Please lor! I’m not blind and this isn’t my first time doing this!

Was complaining to hubby about the hair and he asked me to send him photos. And his reply? huh? Who is this? So I know you?


*sniff sniff*

Can someone give me back my old hair?!

I could tell she did it wrong even when I am not the stylist!

First, she cut my hair first. The last time I did the perm, the lady cut my hair LAST, so that she can get the shape nicely. I was busy munching on my mcds and when I realized she is cutting my hair.. It was too late.

And look, this is what it looks like when I did it last year..

Versus what I did today..

It was so clear that the previous one was a must looser curl and more natural looking! Even the curlers were not so tight around my scalp! And she didn’t even twirl my hair when blowing dry like what people usually do when they have permed hair!

And I ended up with much shorter hair..

What crap. Same salon, same price.. Different stylist = shit.

I am so going to boycott her.

SEE HER FACE?! Am bloody mad.

And sad. *BIG WAILS*

I hope it does look better when I wash it.. Else.. I am so going to go for the rebounded look.

Can I wear a brown paper bag for the party this Sunday?

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