ok. I’m flashing a little birdie at all of you. heh. birdie of my little prince.

I can’t quite believe i’m halfway there! I have been so so busy at work so much so that blogging has seriously taken a back seat in my life. I crashed out on most nights before midnight if I’m home early, or I’ll be typing away on the laptop. and by early, I meant reaching home at about 9pm, in time to grab a quick dinner before putting my son in bed. not quite that ‘early’ by normal people standards. people around me seemed to be enjoying work life balance with knock off timings of 5.30pm or 6pm..


I had another scare on Monday evening. I was on the way home in a cab when I felt stabbing pains on one side of my tummy. it was bearable while I was sitting down in the cab but I was struggling after I got off the cab. the pain didn’t subside the next day so hubby packed me off to the gynae.


we had a detailed scan done and baby and everything else was fine. the pain went away in the afternoon and my gynae just told me to monitor the pain. his tip – if any pain lasted more than 48 hours and are increasing in intensity = cause of concern and alarm bells should go off. anything that’s intermittent should be fine! probably womb expanding or stretching. I’m also consciously monitoring the baby movements and quite thankful I have a really active one in there! its comforting to know he’s kicking up a storm!


current weight gain: 4kg
baby’s weight: 300g


I tried to track back the previous pregnancy entries to compare and realise I didn’t have anything at 20 weeks. I suspect I’m a lot bigger than before and definitely more aches, more pains and a lot more tired (must be my age and my hyper toddler combined). I still sleep a lot even though I’m in my second tri.. and puke wise, I think I’m destined to be puking all the way like my first pregnancy.


tonight, I had the worst ever experience. while I was in the midst of clearing work.. I ran to the ladies (yes with my big tummy) and vomited till I could feel like intestines hanging out of my mouth. ok. I exaggerated but it was very very bad. out came food, then gastric juice, then greenish bile. I thought I was done and went to rinse my mouth only to run back with some yellow liquid rushing out. so much so my tummy was in pain with all that convulsions, my throat was raw and burning, I was on the verge off tears and felt like crap. I wished I could just leave but I had deadlines and campaigns to launch for the weekend, so I just ploughed on back at my desk. weak and sick. but armed with a comforting thought that it will soon pass and all with be worth it.


I finally left the office past 11pm. without dinner because I couldnt even quite stomach water. just drank some cereal drink and I hope I’ll be better tomoorow. keeping my fingers crossed!


crashing out. I’m dead tired.