and nope. this is not about the safari adventures in south africa, but in our Singapore’s own safari, the singapore night safari.

for the entire month of Oct, night safari has transformed their fridays and saturdays experience with the theme of halloween. i think it’s the 3rd year running, but I havent had the chance to check it out.

This year, der and me planned a trip to the safari. armed with the discount coupons we got from his sister, we were all set to go!

nothing quite prepared me for the experience. at the gates, there were throngs of people! the park opens at 7.30pm and when we reached at 7.15pm, the gates were flooded, the queues for the tickets were horrendous, and the park is packed to the brim with people, and there are a lot of people dressed for the occasion.

we were lucky because der sister decided to pop by and with her help (she’s a zoo staff), we cut the horrendous queues to get our tickets. still, that took us 30 mins and can you imagine if we had to queue on our own?!

the horrendous queues! it feels like the entire world is here!

der & me were joking about the crowd. who would want to go to zouk when the whole world seemed to be at the zoo! it’s so happening and packed!

this year, the halloween theme had a fairytale theme to it, and there were princesses, super heroes and characters like wizard of oz roaming about the park with an eerie feel to them. i must say the talents were really quite good and for a moment, i felt like i was in disneyland!

the characters were so good and into their roles, acting like they should and never offering a smile to anyone who wants to take a picture or go close. beware, they may just turn and scream in your ears anytime! or lean towards you and give you a kiss of death.

this ghost had a voodoo doll in her hand and she’ll eerily creep up behind you and keep stabbing on the voodoo doll in her hand.

cinderella is killed with the glass slipper in her head.

Halloween Night Safari
the main entrance

and horror of horrors! This is the queue for the tram of terror!!

Halloween Night Safari

this part is really like disneyland. the queue time. It took us 1hr 15 mins to get on the tram and i was pretty amused with the malay girl behind me. she was screaming her head off and literally jumping into the arms of her bf the entire queue. the ghosts will mingle and come close and deliver an element of surprise when u least suspects it.

Halloween Night Safari

this lady got the most screams out of the malay girl behind me. she’ll come around with a head and a comb and starts combing the hair of the head.

i must have been one of those weird people because when she neared me, i tried to snatch the head from her. ha! i gave her an element of surprise instead!

Halloween Night Safari
this ghost is rather cute.. because she’ll stare at you and the moment you engage in eye contact with her, she’ll come closer. this tourist was pretty amused because she leaned in so close and almost kissed her on the mouth.

Halloween Night Safari
der got a photo moment with the ghost while in the queue!

Halloween Night Safari
some sightings along the tram journey. there was this ghost that suddenly ran towards me and screamed, i stare back at him and scream back at him.

i seemed to spoil the fun because i wasn’t scared of any of the ghost that i met, but some of them were really good judging from the screams and reactions of people around me. even der was surprised that i remained unfazed throughout the journey.

during the tram ride, i was reminded of my safari experience in south africa. I guess the distance for some of the animals were closer than what i saw in south africa, but they were caged as compared to them being in the wild. the deer enclosures were the nearest to the actual safari experience! and oh! you get to see one of africa’s big fives – buffalo.

WOW. the distance is so much closer and i can see them the intricate details on them even in the dimly lit environment in the night safari.

we headed off to the walking trail after the tram ride. I met edward scissors hand and i so wanted to grab him and take a picture but i couldn’t because he walked into an out of bounds area and was making a phone call!

the walking trail was a lot more eerie. you are not longer in the comfort of the tram, with trees flanking your sides.. and at any moment, the ghost will spring out or crept behind you.. there were a lot of screams garnered in the crowd before me and i was telling der that we shouldn’t be following too closely because the element of surprise is not longer there when the screams are heard. you will expect something to be happening and will look out for them.

we met this witch brewing a cauldron of hands and legs and i promptly jumped in to take a picture! too bad the cauldron wasn’t captured in the pictures!


we moved on to the bridge of no returns… spooky!



this zoombie is motionless and when you least expects it, jumps towards you and elicit quite a lot of screams from the people crossing the bridge!

this corpse will just drop down at the end of the bridge! this got me by surprise! but no, i was not screaming because it didnt land on me. it landed on the crowd in front of me!

we ended the night with the animal show and surprisely, it was a good night because it was really cooling. i was expecting a hot and humid night, judging at how the weather of late has been really horrendous.

i totally recommend anyone keen for adventure to check out the night safari halloween experience. when i stepped into it, my first thought was that i wanted to bring my uncles and aunt here if they ever come to singapore in the October month (over the weekend). my uncle was here just last week, but he landed on a wednesday, left for bali on thursday and came back on a monday night.

next year perhaps. i’ll lug my dslr along and spend more time on the walking trail the next time im here!

so, would you be keen?

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