The boy will be really happy to see this picture.

That is, if you remember this entry more than 6 months ago.

the shoe maker made this pair of shoes and that was his color choice. the previous entry was a debate between which color to launch and the boy insisted on the orange because it’s more of a fashion statement while the b*ss thinks otherwise. so i told the boy i’ll create a poll and see what my friends say. of cos, my preferred is the orange as well.

Had an impromptu meet up with Jen last night. I was on my way home and I called her to wish her happy new year. Our short chat just evolved into her getting me to get down at yck and I was zipped off to her house for a pizza dinner and mahjong (the boy’s suggestion when he joined us later).

It was a fun night and wow. It’s been a long time since I went over to her house. Work really drags us apart huh??

We haven’t been able to meet because every time we tried to, the meetings had to over run and we ended up cancelling the meet up.

Hmmm. I guess i’ll make an effort to make it more often from now on!

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