Jerry turns 10 months today!

Ever since 2012 swung by, my journal has been declared dead. I barely had the time to do any updates and I consistently missed 2 months of updates of jerry. I feel so bad about it but I barely clocked in enough sleep to survive, and it’s been radio silence on social media front for a long time.

I sure got a hyper baby in my hands! From 8 months on, the baby has been clambering everywhere and steps on everything he got get his feet on, my face included. I sometimes think I just might die under his tiny feet some day. I did get chocked a few times when he stepped right on my airway and I had to carry him off me.

At 10 months, he has progressed to walking non-aided and could easily traipse around the house and wonder between the living room and my room in carefully, calculated steps, sometimes stopping for balance or change of direction.

He climbs everywhere, literally. Forward or backwards. He was standing on der’s lap then started stepping on his tummy, then chest and collar bone. He just doesn’t stop, which is part of the reason I no longer can type anything on my phone (he either snatches it or get himself into trouble by getting a bump on his head or a knock on his face). I stopped counting the amount of blueblacks he has all over his body,

Balancing on his toy car in attempt to get out of the play yard. He slipped a few times before managing to get on top of the car cos the wheels turn when he step on one end of the vehicle.. And within minutes, he figured out the balancing point and got on.

Having a whale of a time aspiring to be spiderman. If you look closely enough, you can see he used his tiny little toes to ‘kiap’ (wedge) the railing to climb up higher. This photo was taken at 8 months plus.

It’s amazing how fast they develop the moment they start turning mobile. While it was extremely tiring to be constant keeping a watchful eye, its been fun seeing all his smiles and catching all his expression though I hardly had the opportunity to capture it on camera. He smiles everyday I come home and it melts my heart to see that it makes his day when I come home.

He started going ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma one day and I have no idea if he was calling me or my mum. I heard a few times of papapapapapapa and dadi dadi too. Sometimes, he parrots my mum and try to imitate the sounds she makes, calling my brother once ‘kiang’ like how my mum would call him. Hilarious! He’s definitely a lot more vocal now, speaking to himself when he plays with his toys and going neh-neh-neh-neh (milk) in the middle of the night. We ain’t sure if we are deciphering the baby language correctly but it amuses us to no end when he makes sure he gets himself heard.

Food wise, it’s still a very slow progress. He doesn’t quite like eating much still. Hate peas and prunes and kiwis and dragon fruits and a lot more but yet prefers variety in the food he eats. Unfortunately, there’s really not much he can eat at this point and when I start repeating a tried combination too often, he starts rejecting it! I also stopped giving him his favorite foods like carrot, sweet potatoes because I find him a tad yellowish. He has progressed to beef and fish, but I hardly have time to make it to the market to buy fish all the time, so it’s mostly beef. My mum wants me to buy the frogs/toads to feed him but each time I stare at the tank full of live frogs/toads, I can bear to bring myself to make the purchase. =(

He’s still 100% fed with breastmilk but my supply hasn’t been meeting his demand for a while, so the frozen supplies are slowly depleting which is good news in my books. Am planning to stop when he turns one or when the boobs dries up, whichever comes first.

Does he look tiny here? I think the weight is a result of his hyperactivity. He is not putting on much and is still very much a rather tiny being.

Teethwise, he has gotten 8 pearlies showing. It’s been 6 for a long while and 2 more popped out in the last month.

He loves brushing his teeth by the way. Or rather, chewing on his toothbrush. I started brushing his teeth when he was 4-5 months, so he would open up his mouth when he sees the toothbrush coming. These days, he bites on the bristles and pulls them out using his teeth. I’m very sure I need to get a new toothbrush really soon.

And oh, he grinds his little pearlies, like his daddy! I was really worried when I heard it. What, grinding teeth at 8-9 months?! Apparently it’s hereditary so looks like its going to be a huge part of my life/sleep.

One other thing that I am quite sure, my son is a leftie. When he was abt 4 months, my mum mentioned it to me before but we still werent very sure and thought maybe it would change but it didn’t. He grabs his feeding spoon with the left hand, grabs his toothbrush with his left hand, grabs his toys and fiddle with them with his left hand.

Playtime in his play yard.

Exploring another ball pit in his kiddy friend, Kylie’s room. My son sure knows how to play his cards… He’s an angel when we are out and in front of strangers, but quite a terror at home. I sometimes wonder if it’s because of the environment where it’s new and fresh and he’s mostly intrigued by it and the people and spends him time exploring and feeding his curiosity. Everyone tells me he is such an angel when he is out and about, but I somehow don’t get the same angel back home!

He has been to a few play groups this far and I find him rather well-mannered. He doesn’t cry when someone snatches he toy he has in his hands, but displays a look of bewilderment and moves on to something else. He is very curious though and would like to get his hands on everything that comes into his line of vision. He picks the things/toys up, examines it with great care… And starts mouthing it.

That’s when I freak out.

I found so much rubbish in his mouth these days, I’m quite worried about the amount of trash my sons eats. Just the other day, I found 2 rolled up stickers in his mouth. I don’t know where he gets them from. He has swallowed loads of tissues, magazines, newspapers, letters, mailers etc. he also takes a keen interest on small little objects like a speck of dust on the floor, and promptly pops it in his mouth. It sure feels like I have a manual vacuum cleaner in the house.

Meet Jerry the orange-nosed baby. I can’t help but take a picture of this and laugh my ass off.

Out in the rain to play! Brought him out to the corridor one day when it was pouring so he could experience the vaporizing sensation on his face and hands, but I wrapped his head up and thought.. What a funny sight!

He took his first ferry and made a trip to batam with the family over Chinese new year. It was rather hectic lugging a baby around in baby carrier and I almost broke my back, lugging a huge bag in tow. And because I wasn’t sure about baby supplies in a country like batam, I packed a 17kg luggage just for him, fresh water supplies included. The husband and me only had a small overnight bag shared between us.. So it seems one can meet travel light with a baby. thank goodness there were many of us to help with all that weight load. The husband declared that he’s not going to travel till the son is old enough not to need so much baby supplies but I am quite determined to bring him somewhere near once he reaches 1 year old.

Guess who is in my overnight bag? Heh.

It’s been tiring time and a whole change of lifestyle ever since the baby came, but I think I am starting to love it more and more!

I hope jerry will grow up healthy and be loved by everyone around him.

Dear jerry,

Mummy and daddy loves you loads.

Today, daddy flew off to Spain and I think his heart is quite broken that he is leaving behind his loves. I’m sure you’ll miss him too!

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