picture taken in the car today after our visit to the paedatrician.

In a flash, 2 months went by just like that! Today, we marked the day with a visit to the paedatrician and had your rotavirus vaccination… A milestone of your own kind. You reacted with a short cry and you are my brave little one. you turned smiley on the way home and although you spent the afternoon being a little cranky, mummy is wishing the best for you and hopefully, you won’t develop a fever.

At 2 months, your head circumference has grown to 38cm, grew 2cm longer since your last paed visit to 57cm and weigh 5.05kg now!

Grandma is complaining that you are a tad too heavy for her now and she finds it tiring when you want her to carry all the time. Mummy is also toning her muscles to carry you and is also struggling when I have to carry you over long periods of time.

You are a lot more smiley these days and it cheers my day when you smile non stop. You also like to talk to mummy a lot, gurgling and aah-ing away.. At times, when I get distracted and look away, ignoring you.. You burst into tears and demand attention from me. Am finding it quite cute at the moment but I am sure.. Soon, I might find it a little tiresome to having to entertain you all the time. You are wearing me out and mummy is constantly tired these days!

You are starting to recognize sounds and you like to turn towards the direction of the tv console when it’s on, like you want to catch a glimpse of what’s showing but there is always a pillow blocking your view. Your ah goo is finding you a joy too and will spend a few minutes each day carrying you and talking to you. Meanwhile, daddy is pleased whenever he catches you in your smiles, which is rare for him since he spend the most part of the day at work.

You have started growing out some of your clothes and started to fit better in the bigger ones. I look at your face and it seems to be changing everyday. You have grown much fatter, your face more chubby and longer, resembling daddy more and more. Your thighs are also slowly growing to be michelin like, having a few rings of creases on them.

Your little toes and fingers has also grown quite a bit, and is nothing like those tiny little ones that you had previously. Mummy is starting to wonder how amazing it is and how fast you grow! You have stop wearing your mittens except when we are in aircon places and you are starting to grasp things now.

Meanwhile, the paed has mentioned that mummy and daddy are very very lucky to have such a nice baby like you. You have started to sleep through the nights, for 6-9hrs stretch, all by yourself. Some days, you still fuss for a night feed between 3-5am, other days, you just fuss with your eyes closed for a short while and drift back to sleep on your own. The happiest person is daddy because he gets to sleep more now!

Milk wise, you have been stuck on the same amount of intake for the looongest time, at 100ml still. Weirdly, you are still doing occasional projectile vomiting but you are quite the happy spitter that smiles right after all the vomit has been cleaned off you. We have been told that it is because you are too full, hence the vomiting.. Mummy was initially worried since your milk intake hasn’t increased a bit and is quite little compared to other babies your age but I guess you are growing well and happy and that’s all that matters.

Meanwhile, your skin is a tad on the dry side and we have been ordered to slap moisturizer on you 3-4 times a day, and hopefully can prevent the dry skin from turning into eczema. The word eczema scares me off because I know how irritating it can be (since i do suffer bouts of it occasionally and it drives me nuts) and how it is always recurring. The mention of steroids cream also puts me in fear and I am so gonna be diligent and slap loads of moisturizer on you all the time now!

You neck muscles are also not very balanced since you always lie on your right side. The right side of your face is also a little flatter compared to the left. We were told to stretch your neck in the opposite direction often and even out muscles toning, else we might have to bring you to physio in the future. Your daddy lured you to turn the other side with the tv today (to my horror!!) but it works and I guess, it too far for you to see anything right now. Hopefully it doesn’t become a habit!

Mummy is trying to plan a short trip to bring you around while I can, so hopefully a road trip to somewhere could materialize soon. Grandma and ah goo are quite excited about it and ready to take off anytime!

Guess what? Mummy is missing the newborn baby that she saw when you just popped out! You are really growing too fast baby! I hope you do grow healthy and be happy everyday. Mummy loves you!

Looking forward to the many months/years ahead!

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