Just got home to a pleasant surprise! actually.. the surprise was ruined when i was halfway through the movie and mummy called to say someone sent me flowers.


will post the flowers when i have the time to spare.

wtwk.. if you are reading this.. thanks for the sunflowers. they happened to be one of my favourite flowers. the other’s gerberas. appreciate the thought and effort into that and hey, just don’t forget to move forward and have dinner with ur cheeky old friend. *ahem* complete it with a red ribbon ya? *grins*

for now, just wanted to mention something else that’s happy.

yesterday, i jumped onto the weighing scales and i weigh 46kg!! Whee!! I have been dying to get pass that 47kg mark for the longest time with the numeral jogging rounds.. i toned, but the weight’s not decreasing. well.. now.. i am happy!

oh. at least happy that my weight is not hovering between 49kg and 51kg. 🙂

oOps. i know it’s bimbotic. alright, back to the presentation slides for work tomorrow!

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