Time flies. I hardly can catch up with all the milestones for my baby!

In summary, he grew 2 bottom incisors, grown much taller, learnt to crawl/burrow and went for his first swim at a public condo pool in the last month.

Baby lounging on the deck chair..

Lounging in his baby seat.

With daddy!

Time spent with baby has decreased significantly ever since my return to the workforce and mummy me is playing catch up during the weekends. I do wish I have more time to spend with the baby but really, it’s too expensive to bring up a kid in this day and time to quit my job.

Meanwhile, I can’t wait to see my son grow over the months. I get really excited each time he reaches for a development milestone. But at the same time, I wish he stay a baby forever because before I know it, he’s already 5 months already and there are times where I miss the little baby in my arms!

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