Today marks 6 months of journey from the day I had a baby plonked onto my tummy and a pair of eyes staring at me.

There has been ups and downs, loads of depression, some excitement, loads of happiness and amusement and a whole lot of other emotions, I am rather glad that we have survived it this far and things are getting better by the day (hopefully I don’t jinx it by saying this).

The past month has been rather interesting, with loads of milestones from the baby! It has also been a fantastic month because the husband helped out sooooooo much, I am very thankful and happy and very much appreciative that I now do have 10-15mins of me-time to rest a bit, knowing that things are in order and someone is helping. Also, it has done great wonders to my soul and mental well-being.. And I’m glad to announce I’m much happier though i’m rather busy on the work front!

Let’s see…

His 2 tooth has been growing steadily bigger in the last few weeks and he’s been gnawing a lot of everything. These days, everything and anything that jerry gets his hands on would go straight into his mouth for some tasting first.. And I mean everything! Like the rubber floor mat, he peels a corner off and dump it into his mouth, cloth diapers, blanket, the edge of the sofa, toys, my iphone(!!).. I actually have a video showing his snatching my phone and goes into a dark hole with 2 white brackets (his teeth).. The baby bjorn carrier, the pupsilk sling, the toy savers, and our fleshy shoulders! Both der & me has suffered teeth bites (2 holes) from his powerful jaws. This has made us very mindful of the items that are in his line of vision.

Mmm.. The Ang pow is yummy!!

He can pass things from one hand to the other hand and back, and putting things into his mouth using either hand. He’s gnawing on a teething rusk that I gave him to keep him occupied.

His hand and eye coordination improved by leaps and bounds! He could actually use the sippy cup and feed himself water! I was soooo amazed when I witnessed it because I haven’t taught him how to do it, he just grabbed the cup and put it into his mouth correctly and drank when I gave it to him for the first time. Amazing. My mum was surprised too when she first saw it.. Best bit is, 5 mins after he loses interest and throws the cup aside, but he would pick it up and continue drinking if he sees the cup in his line of vision thereafter… I can’t help it but gush with pride when I see it happening. I figured it has got to do with other factors like (1) the cup being brightly colored and hence attracting his attention, and (2) a well-designed cup that allows him to drinks with ease without much difficulty (if you want to know, the cup is from munchkin – munchkin mighty grip trainer cup).

Which also means, he can hold his own bottle and feed himself milk., except that because there is no handles.. The milk bottles get flung off quite often and it’s usually quite a mess because the milk sprayed all over when the bottle is flung. Besides, the milk is sweet and would attract ants and be sticky when it dries up so we’ll usually still hold it for him to prevent the mess.

My baby has also become really mobile. One sec he is beside me, the next, he scoots off for freedom. The past month has seen him had his first fall (from the sofa) from his increased mobility. He does a bit of wobbly doggy-styled movements and suddenly leaps/lunges forward, or otherwise rolls over a few rounds. We have since ‘downgraded’ him, took out the play mat and he officially plays on lower ground (floor) now. Still, there were a couple of times where he tumbles and rolls off the mat and hit his head against the hard marble floor, simply because he is too quick, too mobile and has endless bouts of energy that none of us in the household could keep up with. Thankfully, the knocks by far has garnered a few short cries and are mostly forgotten thereafter once he is distracted with other things. Which is why, I really needed a play yard!

Baby bull-dozing around!

He has also learnt how to push himself up into a sitting position, propping himself with his 2 hands. There are times where he doesn’t realized it but remove his hands and goes face crashing down onto the mat (thankful for the rubber mat to cushion his acts). I’m pretty heart pain when it happens but I reckon its all part of the learning process for him so that he would know what is right and what’s not. Of cos, I always pull him in when my eyes spots him near the edges of the mat when he may potentially hit the ground. Man, it’s really hard work when a baby is mobile!

Sitting up unsupported, all by himself!

I caught him chewing on his toes a few times, but he hardly does it though. I suspect it is because he has too much toys to play with and easily finds something to occupy his mouth with.

Say hello to my ‘da Chang Jin’ baby. Heh. Mummy loves making a fool outta you because it’s so funny! That’s a baby pillow by the way, that helps his neck stay propped upright when he sleeps in the car seat.

I have also started weaning him in the past month.. So far, he has tried rice, bananas, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, avocados, carrots and baby cereals. There are hits and misses.. He loves carrots but hates pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Banana was ok but the rest didn’t seemed to go down well. He will spit everything out and also learnt the ‘hamster skill’ of storing the food in his mouth and spit it out when no one is looking (half an hour later) much to the horror of my mum! It’s a mess feeding him! He also knows how to ‘blow’ out all the food bits so it’s really really messy with all the food flying around in the air and hitting everywhere – the floor, your clothes, the bumbo seat (where he sits and eat), your hair and your face. Urgh. Can be really infuriating and it’s really a test of patience feeding him. I really hope he would grow up to like eating as much as me! meanwhile, we’ll just keep trying..

My quiet baby has also progressed to being a loud one. From cries that are barely audible in the past, he now screams very loudly to get attention. It happens when he feels ignored or when no one is looking at him and is engaging in adult conversations. He screams non stop till someone actually pays attention to him/scoops him up/talk to him. He sure is one attention seeker!

On the sleep front, he takes 1-2 short naps in the day, one in the evening around 7pm and sleeps pretty late at night at about 11pm. On good days, he knocks out by 10.30pm but it has been increasing difficult to put him down to sleep at night. It’s a daily battle that der and me fights with him. It tires both of us out because it’s mentally draining trying to make him sleep, especially when we are very tired from the day’s work and would very much like to crawl into bed ourselves. Some days, I cheat and carry him in the bjorn carrier which works like a charm, but I don’t do it often because I don’t want him to get used to it.

Lately, he hasn’t been sleeping through the night like he has always been. The past week saw him crying wailing loudly in his sleep with his eyes closed. I have no idea what constitute to that but it’s affecting my ability to concentrate in the day at work because I am majorly sleep deprived, having to spend a large part of the night soothing him, and putting him back to bed and have the cycle repeat a few times throughout one night. It’s like he has some serious bad dreams! I am hoping it is a phase that he will grow out of soon because I am nearly at the verge of giving him to my mum and let them co-sleep so that I can have a good night’s rest. But persevering I am, because I read somewhere that co-sleeping with a baby older than 3 months would make it harder for him to be independent and sleep on his own when he grows older.

I think I have also come to feel the ‘rainbows’ at the end of the tunnel. I do come home smiling to my baby these days after work and want to leave work early to spend time with my precious baby. It just seems that I missed out a huge chunk of his development while I am away at work and look how fast/much he grew the past month! I could also see that the husband is very much involved with the baby now since he is a lot more mobile so the iPad only appears after the baby sleeps. Heh! Also one of the key reasons why I feel a lot more balanced and less annoyed!

Am looking forward to the many milestones that jerry would have in the future. Can’t wait to see it happen. These days, I have a very keen interest when I see little boys/toddlers around me because it often triggers my imagination of how jerry would be when he grows up. I seriously can’t wait.

And…we are going to the zoo tomorrow!

Here’s more pictures taken in the past month.

One of the rare family shots that we have. Must. Remember. To. Take. More.

Making a grand splash!

Fallen asleep on the baby chair!

Musician in the making – having fun creating a din by clashing two metal plates/saucers together.

Us, at a wedding dinner

Curious little baby.

Mr fatty cheeks asleep in the stroller.

Wrestling with great grandma.

Happy moments.

Hi! I am mr. drool-a-lot!

Scooting away!

Trying to walk with daddy’s help!

Visiting great grandpa at the hospital..

Ok. My lids are heavy! I have tons of interesting videos of jerry and I’ll see if I have the time to put the clips together before the weekend ends. Gotta go sleep now because gotta get out of bed early tomorrow morning for the zoo outing!

Loving the long weekend!

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