i joined allan and gang for a bbq last night. mainly the gang of der’s friends at jalan rama rama.

it was a simple bbq, filled with jokes and laughter throughout the night. we weren’t stopped by the lights that went out at midnight and continued talking in the dark. at 2+am, allan very nicely offered to send me home.

we had a long chat in the car and by the time i got home, we were both hungry! adjourned to the coffeeshop nearby for some supper and continued to catch up on each other.

it weird how focused and rational i can be when i talk to him, knowing the situation so clearly at the back of my head yet, i couldn’t do the same talk with others. i guess when emotions are involved, your mind is usually clouded and you cannot really think as properly.

interesting thought. allan shared his experience with the gang on fortune telling. i am tempted to try too. someday perhaps.

today, i’m just gonna relax myself and enjoy the holiday.

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