It went by like any other day, but that’s how birthdays are to me as I grow older.

Der celebrated it for me the night before and brought me to greenwood fish bistro simply because it was oysters night and knowing how much I dig oysters. I actually kinda spoiled the surprise the weekend earlier while suggesting to my brother we should go there one of these days because the oysters are dirt cheap (at $1 each with any order of main course) and der let out the fact that he was gonna bring me there come Tuesday.

Well, the boy did surprise me with a bouquet, a present and a card (I love the card most!) while PRETENDING to head to the gents. And guess what? I didn’t suspect a thing and was pleasantly surprised when the bouquet appeared before me. A lone stalk of lovely, cheery sunflower. =)

Argh! I forgot to take a picture of us! But here’s what we ate..

A starter dish of pan fried foie gras with bay scallops. This was good! The foie gras was done slightly crispy on the outside and soft and a little runny in the inside. Reminds me of the ones we had in Paris and der actually commented that he was impressed by it and it was cooked perfectly (and also the fact that foie gras can taste that good outside Paris – he always eats it when he is there).

2 dozen of fresh oysters. We each slurped down a dozen of these. Was a tad disappointed though, because it was not served chilled and there were loads of broken shell bits in the oysters and I had such a hard time eating that I almost gave up. Feel really unglam to be spitting out the shell bits and I was kinda annoyed with whoever that shucked the oysters. They should do a better job since they shuck so many every Tuesday!

House fish and chips for der. The never go wrong choice at greenwood bistro. Yummy, crisp batter paired with soft, fresh fish within. I was regretting not choosing this as my main!

My lamb! The portion was huge with 3 big chunks of meat (and an equal amount of fats that makes it so yummy) and it was lovely, paired with truffle butter that taste oh-so-good and my favorite mint sauce.

I got really greedy and ordered us desserts, which was quite a mistake. We were so stuffed by then that we were kinda force feeding ourselves to finish it.

Chocolate fudge brownies served with vanilla ice cream. Nothing to die for. It came in 2 slices but it was interesting to note one was warm and the other cold.. Hmmm.. Uneven heat in microwave?

Back home, while I was putting Jerry to sleep, the husband came into the room at midnight with cakes! *groans*

Ok. I was really in no mood nor the stomach to eat.. Lol.

With Jerry!

The flowers, present and the card. Details under the cut.

It’s a customized 3D image viewer (ok, I dont know the proper name for it). So, he had 4 ‘rolls’ of film filled with pictures of our memories, and when loaded, the pictures look 3D. I kinda felt a lump in my throat when I relive all those memories we shared between us through the viewfinder.

Here’s what you see through one of the viewers, cannot tell the 3D effects like that though. And that, is my customized wedding shoe that der designed/made for me, and a real highlight of the wedding.

Next time when Jerry grows up, I’m gonna show him these! =)

The card. I issa princess! i almost teared when I saw a special birthday song composed, with the oh-so-familiar tune shared between us. ok. We always sing this song with different lyrics that we make out everyday before we got married and laugh at our own silly antics. Some times, I’ll stop halfway not knowing how to continue the song because the lyrics are usually impromptu and different every single time.


Love the simple present and the thought/effort behind it. It’s definitely a lot more meaningful than a gucci or lv. (I suddenly got reminded of the vintage gucci dinner bag that I received for valentine’s day that’s still sitting in the box in my drawer….)

I spent the actual day lazing in bed till noon, wrestling with my little baby and struggling to get more sleep in. Sooo tired.

We headed out for a simple lunch of chicken rice at nam Kee along Thomson road.

Daddy and baby wears matching clothes again. =) I don’t know why my baby has this smirk on his face!

We walked around town aimlessly for a bit and I got myself a birthday present. Ok hubby say he wanted to pay but I insisted getting it myself. I feel stupid now, can I get a reimbursement? Kidding.

Been looking for a huge tote bag that has the space of a LV neverfull, yet lightweight enough for me to lug stuff out (think baby barang and breast pumps).. Find the Kate spate that I have a little on the bulky side and rather heavy even without anything in it. Its also a bit of a tight squeeze to put all my stuff. I actually have the longchamptt bags in various sizes that would do the trick, but the thing is.. They all had short handles and I wanted a shoulder sling so I can free my hands. Am not keen to add another longchamp to my collection (already have 5!) and the criteria is that it must be cheap since I don’t want to spend loads and I can trash the bag around without feeling the guilt of ruining good/expensive stuff. When I saw this, I knew I had to get it! It’s super roomy and ultra light! Plus, it was under a hundred bucks!! So yeah, am a really happy girl.

Ended the night with a simple dinner in hawker centre, eating my favorite hokkien mee of the century.. In amk, if you are wondering.

Came home to a lovely bunch of flowers from unpolished_gem to further brighten the day!

And loads and loads of well wishes on my Facebook, twitter, smses from my family/friends. Thank you all for making my day. I feel very very much loved.

Being 30 was a huge milestone for me. I got married, got pregnant. Gave birth to a bub, became a mum.. It was a year of personal achievement of some sort. I hope being 31 would bring me greater joy. My wish is quite simple. I just want to be happy. =)

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