another colleague left us. there seems to be so many these days!

shufen was the one that helped refer me my job and in a flash, it has been 3.5 years!

lunch at rakuzen, located at ntuc income building at tampines.

the restaurant is not very huge, packed with loads of people during lunch, we had to wait a while for a table but food surprisingly came rather fast right after we placed our order.

the servers were all rather busy and I suggest making a reservations before heading there or get after 1pm as the lunch crowd would thin down by then. the food is yummy! and here's what we had.

avocado salad and chicken kaarage for sharing and we each had a set. I had the saba fish and sashimi set, shufen had the unagi set while both Sharon and xl had the cod fish set. everything is delish, and we had a great time chatting over a good meal.

definitely one place that I'll pop back given the opportunity..  but it's so far from where I live/work so I hope it's soon.

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