Happy feet, in my opinion, it’s not happy at all. I don’t really know how to appreciate all that singing, muffled voices and minimum humour content. I literally sat through the first hour expressionless.. Managed to giggle just a little in e last 15mins.

Just 3 words – not my type.

I left e load of comments yesterday not replied. Thanks for dropping me a note of encouragement or a hug. Appreciate them all, but yesterday was a bad day as well. E first email i saw in e morning triggered all my anger all over again, and with deadlines and e load of my work.. I don’t see how i could be any happy.

But heading out after work released a little of my tension. I like! Maybe i should do retail therapy tonight. Tomorrow is gonna be another long day at e store..

I hope at least, today would be slightly better. =)

[mobile post on bus, jammed @ upper serangoon cte exit]