had a really happy and fun lunch today. it was a big group of people but just small enough to engage everyone in the table conversation. fun people and good food always cheers cherie!

and the reason for the lunch?! to celebrate all our hard work for the past many many months that was being put in to launch this website. it was my baby, and though there are still tonnes of stuff to be changed, having made it to the launch is quite a feat considering the limited resources, time and budget that we had. and the fact that everything was done in-house. Woots!

it was a real painful process for me. looking through chunks of information, categorizing them, re-grouping them, structuring the site map, putting the information in the correct places, drawing the templates, reworking on all the copy, sourcing of images, research, research, research and vetting, vetting, vetting, testing, testing, testing, and lastly, getting all the stakeholders to be on the same note. that last point is the worse of all the work that was done. oh, and catching bugs. i really enjoyed the bug catching process because i do feel quite a bit of achievements identifying the bugs to make the site a better one.

well, having said all that. i am so not a technical person. so before you go and say.. hey, what’s the big deal. it’s a BIG DEAL to me!

lunch was at Cacio e Pepe Italian Restaurant, a tiny nook that’s not too far from of office. must bring der there some day. love the italian food. they serve wine too so i shall bring him there to chill. since its so near our office.

the food choices were lovely. i couldn’t decide what to eat so I ordered the set lunch (comes with soup, choice of the 2 pastas of the day and coffee/tea/soft drink) and we ordered some starters and a Pizza allo Scoglio (seafood pizza) to share!

errrm. realised i took a lot of the pictures of the food, but not the people. argh. must remind self to take down more happy memories!

THE place

the bread served and serene looking extremely pleased.

our starters – portobello mushrooms and terrina (grilled assorted veges). i wished i had more servings of the portobello and though the grilled veges were a tad dry, they stated good!

soup was leek and potato soup. yummy, creamy stuff. i am so short of licking my plate and i finished every wee bit left in the plate. and my main. spaghetti with black olives in tomato-based sauce. this is delish, the spaghetti was done al dente and served with huge chunks of tomatoes. the tomato sauce was thick and rich and i promptly finished it within 5 minutes!

spaghetti & farfalle in chicken pesto sauce. i didn’t try this and on hindsight, i think i was too famished and was concentrating on whacking my spaghetti!

agnes’ vongole (didnt try this either, she sat too far from me!) and happy people.
I wonder why i look so round in pictures lately.

serene’s linguine beet root. this was so out of the world (to me at least), because i am not a beet root person but i tried it and it taste good! she was sitting right in front of me so it was easy to steal and i just had.to.TRY.

our seafood pizza. thin crust and lovely, though the ingredients were a little sparse. and look how huge the pizza is compared to the plates and sheryl in the picture.

happy girls – rachel & sheryl

there are more pictures taken (in agnes’ iphone and serene’s cammie). will upload them here when i get them.

the verdict? I am so ready to go back anytime soon. i want to try the other menu items

Cacio e Pepe
4/6 Rochdale Road (Upper Paya Lebar)
Singapore 535817
Telephone: +65 6281 1905
Fax: +65 6281 1925.