I seemed to forgot how much happy lunches revive my soul.. And now that i think about it, i guess thats part of the reason why i feel like wanting out these days – i didnt get enough time out that puts me right back to fighting hard.

I just feel tired, sore, angsty and demoralised.

Which brings the point that food really cheers me up! I guess i miss working with jen because we are both are lovers of good food. Eating mundane predictable food satisfies my hunger but nice good food satisfies my soul and spirit.

I had a happy lunch yesterday. It was jared post birthday treat and he requested to heas back to cacio e pepe (italian restaurant at 4 rondale road). Perfect place for a nice quiet lunch and its quite near our office!

Bread to kick start the meal, we have 2 rounds!

Jared, the birthday boy and agnes, partner-in-crime.

Self shot, and why is there some fingers on top of my head?

Jared & me. I look so round here!!!

This is nice! Forgot the name, but its raw swordfish served with rocket leaves, avocado chunks, tomatoes and blueberry in olive oil and lemon juice. Argh. I could feel myself salivating right this moment.

Dont it just seemed perfect?

Agnes’ signature order. Vongole everywhere she goes.

The happy girl.

Another shoot. Wonder why this turns out green instead. Could it be…. Haha. Joking. Its the lighting i think.

This makes me so hungry. My food aint here yet.

Jared’s munch. Mushroom flavoured in a light cream sauce. Nice and light! This is one of the set lunches.

Our soup! My favourite minestrone. Came very very late because the servers forgot about it (they had 2 person on mc for the day hence the slip, but this was explained to us before we even placed our food order so we were perfectly understanding. Ha, we are such nice people actually).

Finally, my spicy tuna spaghetti. I finished this under 3 mins. Too hungry!

Another shot.

Check out all the shells!

Our drinks. Which also only came after we asked.


the post was cut of abruptly because i had wanted to add in my sitemeter which i had to copy from the notepad and the next thing i knew, i couldn’t load the post at all and the app will just unexpectedly quit without warning. tried like 20 times and i didn’t managed to edit it and i finally got to post it when i was home with wi-fi connection.

i think it might have something to do with the no. of images in this post and i think the app may not have the capacity to handle it.

that aside, i wanted to say it was a nice, pleasant lunch and that if you do pop by during lunch, the set lunches are actually quite worth!

$12.90 for a pasta, a drink (soft drink/coffee/tea) and a soup. Although the pasta portions are rather small, but they serve nice hot bread (free flow!) with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and you could load up on those before taking your meal. The usual pastas are $16 and up, so it’s really well worth the money.

The citibanks credit cards give you a 10% discount with min. $30 spend (if i remembered correctly) and i don’t think there are starhubbers reading, but yeah.. if you are a starhubber, just flash your pass and you’ll enjoy 10% as well without the min. spend required! =/

really quite a nice place to chill out in.

//end of edit.

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